Real-Time Respiratory Monitoring

Through our partnership with Data Sciences International, Inc., Biaera’s AeroMP and Aero3G platforms provide real-time respiratory monitoring during inhalation exposure. This real-time monitoring capability allows feedback-based exposure control based on measured inhaled volume rather than time.


Biaera’s AeroMP/Aero3G software reads tidal volume measurements from DSI’s FinePointe and Ponemah JETĀ­RIP respiratory monitoring platforms. Our software then calculates a running total of the Accumulated Tidal Volume for each subject and terminates the inhalation exposure when the user-entered total is inhaled. Each exposure is automatically adjusted based on the respiratory performance of each subject, thus reducing run-to-run variability and isolating biological response for inhalation studies.

Aero3G FinePointe

  • Reduced run-to-run aerosol exposure variability
  • Feedback-based exposure control
  • Integrated data streams
  • Reduced equipment footprint in containment


  • Jacketed external telemetry
  • Run-to-run exposure consistency
  • Feedback-based exposure control
  • Integrated data streams
  • Individual subject system calibration

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