The AeroMP Aerosol Management Platform

The AeroMP* is Biaera’s original and most comprehensive aerosol control platform. The AeroMP can be configured to control nine independent airflows, three RS-232 controlled devices, and three USB devices. All system functions are managed through Biaera’s AeroMP control software running on a PC in the laboratory. The open architecture software allows the user to custom configure the system to operate with virtually any aerosol generator, aerosol sampler, exposure chamber, or monitoring device.


AeroMP Control System Software


All system functions are controlled through the AeroMP software. The software automatically monitors and conditions the chamber, balances the system airflows, and records all relevant data for subsequent analysis.


“Point and Click” operation and menu driven controls provide unprecendented ease-of-use in an aerosol system. With the AeroMP there is no need to adjust regulators, monitor pressure gauges, turn valves, or change flow switches. The AeroMP manages all of these functions and processes.



System Integration


Biaera’s AeroMP platform is the only aerosol system that integrates all of the components associated with aerosol studies into a single portal.


Laboratory-based aerosol studies require aerosol generation, conditioning, dilution, sampling, and sizing in addition to system balancing and environmental control. Historically, these functions have been carried out through a disparate collection of both automated and manual control systems, each producing a separate data stream. With the inherent interdependency of these various functions, however, such aerosol systems were complicated, difficult to operate, and often unreliable. The AeroMP integrates all of these monitoring and control functions into a single hardware/software platform.


The AeroMP hardware houses all of the flow control devices, data acquisition boards, data networking devices, and electronics needed to communicate with all of these systems.


The AeroMP software allows the user to simultaneously monitor and control the various functions while the component interdependence is being managed through the software. The result is a reliable, flexible, easy to use system that produces a single data stream. The single data stream facilitates rapid analysis of experimental outcomes, tracking experimental performance over time, and direct comparisons between individual components of individual experiments.


The following chart identifies the individual functions of the aerosol system controlled, monitored, displayed, and recorded through the integrated AeroMP platform.

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