Aero3G Serves as Inhalation Testing Platform for Encephalitis Vaccine Candidate

Teams from Tulane University and the University of Texas Medical Branch collaborated in preclinical testing of a vaccine candidate for Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus (VEE).  Approximately 10,000 human cases of VEE infection are estimated each year.  A major outbreak in South America in 1995 infected approximately 100,000 people.  VEE causes systemic infection with symptoms ranging from flu-like illness to central nervous system effects in children.  VEE is also considered a biothreat.  The Tulane group, under the leadership of Prof. Chad J. Roy, used Biaera’s Aero3G technology to conduct aerosol challenge studies in NHP to assess the effectiveness of a promising novel vaccine candidate.  Their work was published in the journal, Vaccine.